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Our Story

Mercy Road Recovery Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, began with a circle of friends gathering around a table in support of one another. Over time, the relationships strengthened and mission solidified to focus on helping those who have chosen to recover from addiction.

Today, our team is organized by a board of directors. Misty, our Executive Director, has experienced and recovered from a life of heavy addiction and confusion. She leads our efforts in supporting addicts from experience. In the last few years, she along with five other members of the board, have come together to provide a safe place for others struggling with addiction by removing them from the destructive life they know; completely dedicated to restoration and recovery.

We're here to help those with courage to stay in the recovery process from an affiliation with our community of people who “get it.” 

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Our Approach

Recovery is not a destination, with an identifiable arrival, at which one can celebrate completion. It is a lifelong process that requires hard work every day. It is riddled with disappointment and frustration. The only certainty is that I will get to work at it again tomorrow. Not all paths are the same but journeys can all be riddled with disappointment, self-doubt, embarrassment, hope, powerlessness, progress and shame. It is a confusing soup of experiences. The good news is that hope and progress just keep showing up.  They crowd out emotions like shame and fear. Therein lies our strength for another new day of recovery.

The Mercy Road Recovery home is located in a residential neighborhood, offering the comfort and surroundings of a family setting by those who "get it." Each resident will share a room communal space in the kitchen, living room and backyard.

We also provide outpatient services in our "I Choose Recovery" program. It's offered to anyone struggling with addiction to offer refuge, strength and hope, even if they're not staying in the home.

We're working hard to complete the home, see our progress below.
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